Nationwide Research Company

Federal Archive Research

Federal archives centers maintain a multitude of older records that can be difficult to find and obtain. Nationwide Research Company can retrieve information from older case files from all federal archive centers quickly and accurately.

What can we do for you?

Locating older court records can be difficult. There are numerous locations where older files may be kept and determining the proper jurisdictions and locations can be confusing and time intensive. Nationwide Research Company is familiar with all of the federal archives centers and can quickly obtain the required tracking coordinates to access your files and obtain the documents you need.

Archives centers often claim that retrieving records can take weeks to complete. Nationwide Research Company has the experience and ability to complete retrieval requests within days. We handle all aspects of the retrieval including:

  • Identifying the proper archives facility your file is housed in
  • Obtaining accurate tracking coordinates from the originating court
  • Making the files available for review at the archives facility
  • Obtaining the copies you need
  • Reviewing documents for accuracy
  • Free emailing of your documents

Regardless of where the file you need is, you can trust that Nationwide Research Company will locate, obtain, and deliver the materials you require efficiently and accurately.

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