Nationwide Research Company

Articles/Publications Research

Libraries and repositories hold extensive resources, both current and historical. Finding the information you need from these locations can be frustrating and time consuming. Nationwide Research Company has the experience to locate and obtain the information you need when you need it.

What can we do for you?

Whether you are looking for copies of journal articles, newspaper listings, or book excerpts, Nationwide Research Company has the experience and resources to locate what you require. Nationwide Research Company has extensive experience working with repositories and libraries across the country. From the Library of Congress to local libraries, we have the ability to locate the publications you need. Projects are customizable to fit your needs and are conducted in a timely manner, with frequent updates so you never need to wonder about the status of your project. Examples of projects Nationwide Research Company has completed are:

  • Retrieval of journal articles
  • Microfilm research of local newspaper articles
  • Review of magazines, newspapers, and journals for published advertisements
  • Retrieval of specific book chapters
  • Research of newspapers’ vital records listings

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